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An Extensive Range of Cosmetic Dental & Restoration Services

Using the latest in digital technology to rebuild the perfect smile, our experienced laboratory offers an extensive range of cosmetic dental restorations. The latest in digital technology provides precision, accuracy, minimisation of ongoing costs and a reduction in valuable in-chair time.

Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Cosmetic Dental Design carefully researches all materials manufactured around the world for the construction of crown, bridge and veneer cases.

The materials that are provided to dentist and patients have displayed longevity ascetics and bio- compatibility. Cosmetic Dental Design will endeavour to provide the latest researched and certified materials available to the Australian market.

The crowns, bridges and veneers are manufactured utilising the latest digital technology, the resulting article is aesthetic, strong and highly translucent, offering complete accuracy of shape, function and fit.

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Cosmetic Dental Design’s relationship with many leading dental specialist has built an exceptional reputation of trust and expertise in the restoration of dental implants.

This includes crown, bridge, Hybrid dentures and All On 4.  The ability of restoring a dental implant is highly specialised and requires consistent educational programs and seminars to insure the best techniques are maintained.

Since 2009, Cosmetic Dental Design has been the leading dental laboratory in Australia for the restoration of intra orally scanned implants with extensive knowledge of the 3i Encode system and all intra oral implant systems.

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Digital Technology

We are continually seeking innovative technology, which is essential for the rejuvenation of your patients’ smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Design has invested in open source 3Shape and ExoCad designing software which allows all digital files from any 3D scanners currently on the market to be received and processed. These files can be used to assist the dentist or specialist in the production and planning of complex surgical cases and implant planning, utilising surgical guides and our in-house 3D printer. An additional benefit of the digital technology is the capacity for Cosmetic Dental Design to provide the patient with digital smile designs, enhancing patient communication with dentist and technician and delivering realistic smile make overs. The ever evolving digital landscape can be a complex and overwhelming prospect, but with the assistance of Cosmetic Dental Design and their digital footprint, the most complex cases can be managed to deliver a result that will make you smile.

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